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Breast-feeding is not a choice,
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Monday, July 16, 2007

cara memberi bayi minum EBM

Berikut adalah cara memberi bayi minum EBM yang boleh kita praktikkan.

  • syringe feeding - This is a good method to be sure a baby is getting food in the early days if it is clear the baby will need help getting his nutrition or if the baby is showing distress at the breast. The volume of colostrum is small and feeding the baby by syringe at the breast can assure he is getting enough. He feels successful at the breast as the underlying difficulties are being identified and fixed without the pressure to continue with a poor position or latch. It is often a short term tool, but can be used long term. It is the tool of choice for The Lactation Institute for babies who are not yet able to breastfeed exclusively
  • spoon feeding - If baby has to be fed away from the breasts a spoon can be used. In the early days when the baby is receiving a small volume of colostrum or milk. The spoon does not dwarf the volume and allows for slow and steady feeding. One spoon can be placed near the baby's lips and another spoon used to pour the colostrums or milk into the spoon. A medicine spoon can also be used. Boleh juga guna botol bersudu. Di Jusco pun sudah ada jual jenama tollyjoy
  • cup feeding - Cup feeding can work, even for a newborn. It is a good method for providing milk without introducing artificial nipples. For cup feeding milk is placed in a small, smooth rimmed, shallow cup. The infant can sip the milk from the cup that is placed at his lips. There are specially designed cups for cup feeding an infant or small medicine cups work well too. Medela makes a specialty feeding device called a SoftFeeder^(TM) for use when cup feeding is recommended. It is made from soft silicone and has a special reservoir that controls fluid. Some mothers use this long term when a baby needs milk in another way than direct from the breasts.
  • finger feeding - The finger feeding method involves a tube or syringe that delivers milk to the baby. It can be the tube of a supplemental feeding device or a special one made by Medela called The HazlebakerTM FingerFeeder. In the case of the tube, a small flexible tube is connected to a container of milk--think of it as a small soft drinking straw. It can be taped on a caregiverfs finger. The baby sucks on the finger and receives milk. When using a feeding syringe the baby sucks on the caregiver's finger and the milk from the syringe is released to run down the finger feeding the baby. These methods work well for incorporating suck retraining and other oral motor therapies
  • nipple shield -A nipple shield is a thin silicon disk with a nipple that is placed over the motherfs nipple. Nipple shields have been around for a long time. However the ancestors of todayfs thin flexible ones were not very effective. The older models did not have much flexibility and didn't allow for much milk transfer and breast stimulation. The reputation has remained to plague today's models. Nipple shields can be effective tools. Using nipple shields can result in keeping a baby happy at the breasts who would otherwise become frustrated, overwhelmed, or disinterested in the breast. Many babies need to have a supplemental feeding device in place either over or under the shield to keep the milk flow steady for them depending on why the nipple shield is needed. It is important that he gets the quantity of milk he wants at the flow rate he finds most enjoyable though, or he will quickly reject the shield, and perhaps the breast as well. Other mothers find their babies relax into nursing when they use a nipple shield to moderate mothers too-fast milk flow.

    Some other babies who do well on nipple shields are ones that are confident with bottle feeding but not breast feeding. A nipple shield may help them become more confident at the breast because the shield feels more like the bottle nipple they are used to.
    There are other reasons to use a nipple shield.

  • bottle and nipple feeding - Ini yang selalu orang kita guna dan selalu menjadi fikiran sempit bila berdepan dengan botol dan puting ini. Kalau anak menolak puting tiruan cubalah cup feeding, syringe feeding, spoon feeding.

p/s: Ketika di Taska anak saya menggunakan botol bersudu untuk minum EBM.

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