There is no freedom of choice for humans,
if it has been taken away from them at the beginning.
Breast-feeding is not a choice,
but an obligation to the choice.
Give your child the freedom of choice

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

cereal in bottle 2

when do you put cereal in the bottle?


what age you introduce the cereal in bottle,? doctors say diferente things , one said 4 mothns and the other 2 months

Why shouldn't cereal be put in your baby's bottle?

* It is an old wives' tale that putting cereal in the bottle will help your baby sleep better at night. Babies should not go more than 4-6 hours without being fed because their stomachs are so small.

* Around 4-6 months, your baby will be ready to eat cereal from a spoon. This is a very important learning step for your baby. Putting cereal in a bottle may prevent your baby from learning this new skill.

* Cereal in the bottle can increase the risk of choking because you have to increase the size of the hole in the nipple to allow the cereal through. If too much comes through the nipple, your baby could choke.

* Putting cereal in the bottle may cause you to overfeed your baby.

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